Puglia Landscape Paintings

The landscape of Puglia, particularly its olive groves, is intensely romantic, stunningly beautiful and the inspiration for this humble landscape painter of light and atmosphere. In the summer, during the day, everything you look at is bleached by the sun and in a painter’s terms, awash with Naples Yellow, a beautiful colour but after a while, relentless like the sun. I for one can barely stand the heat and welcome the opportunity to seek out the shade when I can.

By the day's end, as the sun begins to retreat at around 4.30 or 5.00 in the afternoon, the colours begin to deepen and saturate to reveal their real hue. Violet and ultramarine blue shadows are mysterious under deep olive greens and hot cadmium reds, oranges and yellows. It is a combination so delicious, you can almost taste it. It is at this time when muscle memory stirs, fingers twitch and senses brighten, all the better to pick up a paint brush and record the achingly palpable atmosphere.

These paintings are the result of my efforts to capture such moments.

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