2152577454843735 Same sky, different horizons .. - Denise Wrightson

Same sky, different horizons ..

I love to paint landscapes and particularly skies and clouds. These days, I live in Sheffield right next to The Peak District. However, before that I lived in Italy. Ostuni is a little white hill top town in Puglia in the south. You could say that it has the same skies as Sheffield, but the landscape and its horizon lines could hardly be different.

Although the work I make is not necessarily or specifically about place, one can not be influenced by the great gritstone ‘edges’ of the Peak District or the millions of hectares of Olive Groves dotted with the white Trullli houses of Apulia. It is not surprising that one might influence the other.

It is my pleasure, therefore, to bring you my own special cocktail of light, mood and atmosphere. Enjoy.