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Hello. Thank you for taking the time to have a peek at my website. Much appreciated! 

I am a painter of landscapes primarily and other things from time to time.

My subjects are mostly the natural landscapes of southern Italy and the Peak District in northern England. I have an urge to describe what I see in them.

My chosen 'language' with which I describe them is paint.

I use it to make marks and colours. To capture the light and the shade and the mood. I use it to render atmosphere. I seek beauty in two dimensions.

          High sky, low land

I lived in Italy for just over two years and now I live in Sheffield. The differences in climate and in the light couldn't be more extreme and I now spend my time recording them in paint. 

The other thing is that I don't really paint 'real' scenes. Rather, my paintings are distillations, impressions of a time and a place. Feelings, if you like.

I work with my own photographs, sketchbooks and imaginings. My memories and feelings of any given place are highly potent and this really is my raw material.

          Olive grove, Midday

My Story

1960 Born in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

All my childhood holidays were spent playing on the beach at Roker in Sunderland at the sight of the river Wear's outpouring in to the north sea. I played from morning 'till night with my cousins. When the horn went to announce the end of the working day at the ship yards where my uncles plied their trades, we could shortly expect a gaggle of adults bearing bags laden with food and grog. We ate, drank and were happy 'till days end when the dusk would settle in. Happy days ..

When I was ten we moved nearby to the City of Durham with its stupendous Norman cathedral. It is built on the banks of the river Wear and to my mind it is possessed of a magical, scintillating and enduringly spiritual energy. This, quite apart from its sheer beauty of aspect. Durham is the place I most identify as home and its city cathedral is in my blood.

That's me on the left, looking for trouble

1979 Art School

Sheffield 1979

In 1979, I came to Sheffield to what was then the School of Art to study painting. I was there for four years and fell profoundly and irrevocably in love with the Peak District landscape. I loved my time there and after I graduated I moved to London and earned my living in other ways while my paints and brushes rested and waited. Thirty odd years would elapse before I once again picked up my brushes because I didn’t paint again until 2016 …

That's me on the right doing art school things ..

1999 Wrightson & Platt

London 1999

In 1999 my partner Vicky Platt and I started a business casting babies hands and feet in Spitalfields market in London every Sunday. We initially cast in plaster and resin but soon realised that there was an appetite for ‘finer’ castings in bronze and later cast glass and sterling silver. We grew our business in the UK and Internationally.

We had a great time growing our wonderful business and more importantly, making really beautiful things that our customers love and will treasure for generations.

We were fortunate enough to attract investment and opened a showroom in Knightsbridge and had our own foundry facilities in SE London.

However in 2014 we had run out of steam and were suffering what I think is commonly known as burnout. So we decided to leave for pastures new but to this day our little company still bears our name and continues to be a great success. I'm very proud of it but for me it was the creativity and invention that I loved most and after all the time doing other things, I realised what I most wanted to do was paint again.

Baby feet in an 'inverse' cast glass block.

Our showroom in Knightsbridge

If you're curious to see what we got up to, visit W&P at

the white conical trullo houses of Puglia in southern Italy

2015 Puglia, southern Italy

Ostuni 2015

In July 2015 we moved lock stock and barrel to southern Italy and the gorgeous hill top 'white city' or 'La Citta Bianca', of Ostuni in Puglia, southern Italy. If you look at the 'heel of the boot' on a map, you will find it there. The area is characterised by olive groves, vineyards and the unique 'trullo' houses with their conical roofs. It is a painters paradise largely because of the light and it was there in 2016 that I finally picked up my brushes again. Hurrah!

The trulli houses of Puglia

Ostuni down to the Adriatic sea

  • 'La Citta Bianca', Ostuni in Puglia, southern Italy

2017 Sheffield

Back Home

After the adventure of Italy we decided to return to England. It was not London that beckoned but Sheffield and the Peak District landscape of my art school days. I had started painting again in Italy so choosing to come back to South Yorkshire was, as they say, a no-brainer. The thought of once again immersing myself in the beauty  and majesty of the Peak District landscape was indeed thrilling.

And so here I am.

Me in my studio

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